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The Imperial War




SRM Alumni




Tim Marshall

Courthouse Hotel 

21 Great Marlborough Street


Thursday 11th May

18:30 - 23:00


SRM Alumni Evening with Tim Marshall.png

Our New Board Members


The SRM Alumni team is proud to announce the formation of the SRM Alumni Governing Board. One of the main drivers of the Board will be to augment and enhance Security Risk Managers ability to more efficiently transition from the classroom to their careers, providing insight, access, experience and assistance wherever they can. The dynamic perspective of the board will not only extend the SRM Alumni to new heights but ensure its future is shaped by the people it serves. Myself, Aloma Watson and the rest of the Alumni team look forward to working alongside you.

Welcome onboard Veronique Malone, Andrew Seaward, Antony Sherlock, Pete Klein and Adam Meyer.

The SRM Alumni 


A Professional Networking group that was initially created by the founders of the Security & Risk Management Consultants (SRMC) course.

Membership is available to former SRMC students and like minded individuals working within a range of industries and sectors including but not limited to Aviation, Defence, Mining, NGOs, Banking, Information Security, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas and the Emergency Services.

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The Alumni is an excellent platform for discussion,  information sharing, signposting to opportunities, business development and of course relationship building with like-minded individuals.

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